ELL – 99 Ideas for Teaching English Learners

ED 501 Course Syllabus and Assignments

Course Description

This course is a perfect complement or stand-alone course with our Making Content Comprehensible for English Learners course. This course will provide understanding and pedagogy of how English Language Learners (ELL) best acquire English. By focusing on the 8 Main Components of The Siop Model, educators can glean 99 Ideas to implement in the classroom setting. Through the researched based SIOP model, this course seeks to improve teaching instruction to ELL’s through integration. By exploring effective teaching strategies and supportive practices in the classroom, the new or veteran teacher will improve method delivery strategies. With recent Common Core standards and the steady increase of ELL’s in the academic setting, teachers find themselves underprepared. Expansion of second language acquisition pedagogy will be crucial to the next generation of educators. Through the clear demonstration of creating comprehensible content in the classroom. Teachers will complete written assignments to demonstrate mastery of the provided content.

Course Objectives

1. Educators will have a working knowledge of SIOP model features and provided frameworks.

2. Educators will analyze the underlining challenges ELL’s face upon entering the academic setting.

3. Educators will be able to demonstrate differentiation to meet a diverse student population and their needs. English Language Learners and Special Education needs will be addressed for best scaffolding practices. Strategies to assess the difference between a struggling student due to language vs disability will be clearly defined.

4. Educators will explain a clear understanding of which assessment best promotes student advancement.

5. Teachers will write chapter outline reviews, develop an application essay, and create a lesson project. Educators will utilize the course content as it applies to classroom instruction and learning environments.

Course Syllabus and Assignment Rubrics

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ELL – 99 Ideas for Teaching English Learners


2 Credits

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