Teaching Children with Asperger Syndrome

ED 501 Course Syllabus and Assignments

Course Readings

Asperkids: An Insiders Guide to loving, Understanding and Teaching Children with Aspergers Syndrome. by Jennifer O'Toole. 2012 Philadelphia, Kingsley Publishers. 192 pages.

Course Description

This course will help educators understand the learning style theories of Aspergers syndrome and the issues that Asperkids face. A variety of learning strategies and accommodations are presented in order to help students succeed in facing the challenges that schools and life present. Educators learn to maintain a structured and supportive learning environment that is conducive to the needs of Asperkids and all students. Educators will research the topic of Aspergers syndrome to see what is happening in the educational community to understand and assist asperstudents. Teachers will develop lessons and activities that demonstrate the application of concepts and learning methods that help improve the learning quality and success of Asperkids in school and society.

Course Objectives

1. Educators will learn about the theories of how and what goes on in the minds of children with Aspergers syndrome and develop an understanding of how they think.

2. Teachers will examine the various ways of motivating Asperkids by finding and using areas of interest to engage Aspergers kids by listening and facilitating their passions.

3.   Educators will be presented with numerous approaches to help Asperkids perceive the world in concrete sequential ways as they learn random and abstract ways of thinking.

4.   Educators will be able to use the specific strategies to help Asperkids in preparation skills that help them with various methods of getting around obstacles and challenges.

5.   Teachers will develop lessons and activities that utilize various strategies in the book that help Asperkids learn practical skills so they can succeed in school and society.

Teaching Children with Asperger Syndrome


3 Credits

Course Syllabus and Assignment Rubrics

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The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards seeks to identify and recognize teachers who effectively enhance student learning and demonstrate the high level of knowledge, skills, abilities and commitments. This course aligns with #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5 of those standards.

Chapter Review/Reflections:

Write several paragraphs summarizing the main ideas, knowledge or information you thought was significant from each chapter in the book. Extended bullet points of main issues are also acceptable. See rubric for guidelines.


Introduction: How Aspergers Saved my Life
1. The Theory of My Mind: How Asperkids Think
2. Special Interests: The Way In
3. Getting to Know the Anger Sequence
4. All Aspies are from Missouri: Concrete Minds
5. Detour- This Way: Getting Around Learning Challenges
6. Living the Practical Life
7. Perspectives on Comfort Zones
8. Conclusion: My Father's Legacy

Writing Assignments

Read the book: An Insider's Guide to Loving, Understanding and Teaching Children with Aspergers Syndrome by Jennifer Cook. Write chapter Reviews/Reflections for each of the chapters in the book. Research the topic and write an article review regarding issues related to Aspergers Syndrome. Develop a lesson/unit plan or a project/activity using concepts in the book. Then write a two-page Final Application Essay linking key concepts from the book. Focus your writings and activities on the concepts and strategies from the book and related assignments on how you can apply them to your school environment, teaching methodology and instructional practice. See Assignment Rubrics below.

Required Assignments

1. Book readings, Chapter Reviews/Reflections
2. Research Article Review
3. Lesson/Unit Plan or Project/Activity
4. Final Application Essay Use size 12 font size and 1.5 line spacing,Bolded headers and titles. Use your own styling format or an APA/MA writing style format.

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Instructor: Joseph C'de Baca 727-258-7233

Teaching Children with Asperger Syndrome


3 Credits

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