Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work in my State?
TLC courses are accredited nationwide. Educators from all 50 states have taken our courses. Please check with your school district to confirm the credits will be accepted for your professional needs (CPDU’s, pay scale increases, endorsements).


What about Transcripts?
Transcripts are issued once all course requirements are complete and graded. Please allow up to 14 days from submission of final coursework to grading.


Which University are these courses accredited through?
TLC is an affiliate of Colorado State University - Pueblo, and all courses are accredited by CSUP


When do classes start?
Classes begin any time you want, there are no set start or end dates for classes.


How long do I have to complete the courses?
While there are no set due dates for assignments, all course requirements must be completed within 5 months of beginning the course.


What are the course topics?
There are a variety of course topics including Assessment, Behavior Management, Classroom Instruction, Urban Education, Social Emotional, Diverse Learners, Parenting And Education, Technology In Education, Education And The Brain, Curriculum And Instruction Design, Educational Law, and more.


What are the costs of the courses?

  • 1 credit courses - $195
  • 2 credit courses - $295
  • 3 credit courses - $395


How much do course materials cost?
You WILL NOT need to purchase textbooks or other materials. ALL course materials are included in the initial course cost, and will be mailed to you via USPS after placing your order!


What type of credits are these?
TLC courses are “ED 501” Semester graduate credits, for post-baccalaureate needs such as professional development, pay scale increases, and recertification/relicensure


Can I complete my Degree with these courses?
No, the TLC courses are for post-baccalaureate needs such as recertification and professional development.


How do I begin?
Once you have found a course you want to take simply click on the ‘Order This Course Now’ button and complete the payment form. If you prefer, you also have the option to sign up over the phone by calling TLC at 727.258.7233.


Can I talk to somebody?
Yes! You can contact the Instructor directly at 727.258.7233


How The TLC Process Works: Details

  1. Choose the course or courses you are interested in, click on the course title and you can read the chapter content, syllabus and assignments.
  2. If you want to take the course just click below on “Order this Course” and pay with a credit card. Or call 727-258-7233 to register by phone.Or mail a check made to: Teachers’ Learning Center 11246 68th Ave. Seminole, FL 33772.
  3. The book or course materials will be immediately U.S. Mailed to your home address.
  4. A “Course Confirmation” email will be sent that has the course syllabus, directions, evaluation form, and registration form. We need your home email address! School emails usually fail.
  5. If you do not receive your book in 5 to 6 days contact us immediately. If you do not receive a “Course Confirmation” email with the syllabus and (4) attachments then your email address has failed. Send us an email from your side to:teacherslearningcenter@gmail.com
  6. Download and print the documents in the “Course Confirmation” email and read them. You may do some research if your course requires it while you wait on the book.
  7. Immediately complete the registration form by hand and sign it (leave #, boxes, and payment lines blank) You can either edit the PDF and send the completed version to the Instructor at teacherslearningcenter@gmail.com , or you can print & complete the paper copy and U.S. Mail the registration form to: Teachers’ Learning Center 11246 68th Ave. Seminole, FL 33772
  8. Feel free to email or call the Instructor if you need assistance or to talk in person. We encourage questions or comments and enjoy talking with educators.
  9. When you complete the course assignments from one course, email them to:teacherslearningcenter@gmail.com.
  10. Email assignments in one or two docs when you are finished. Do not send separate chapter reviews or papers. Label them: First Name, Last Name, Assignments, Course Title


Course Guidelines and Considerations


Thank you for choosing TLC for your professional and educational enrichment. Below are guidelines that will assist in communicating with the instructor and smoothly facilitate course completion.

  1. Print and complete the registration form by hand and sign it. Send in the registration form and evaluation as soon as possible to TLC, or make sure you enclose it with your final papers. No grade/ transcript can be issued without it.
  2. Place your full name on all email correspondence. Emails are informal, however we receive numerous emails from educators and a mix-up or omission can easily occur.
  3. Contact us by email or by phone and/or leave a message at any time and we will respond quickly. The Instructor will also be glad to talk with you in person at your convenience.
  4. Be sure and read all syllabus directions. If we don’t hear from you, we will assume you are fine. If you have questions, need more support or conversation please let us know.
  5. Please send in the course evaluation with registration form or, for anonymity, mail in the evaluation form without a return address.
  6. Let us know immediately if any CD’s or DVD’s are inoperable. We will send you a replacement.
  1. Allow 3 weeks for a transcript after all work and procedures have been followed.
  2. Receipts are available upon request.
  3. Use the standard U.S. mail for sending papers, it works perfect. No need to spend money/time on registered mail etc.
  4. Finally, we welcome any recommendations, especially exceptional books you feel can be a valuable book course for many teachers.
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