Course Overview & Transcript Instructions

Read below for instructions and a high-level overview of the course process, from Registration through Transcript ordering.


Order. Register. Activate NetId. Complete & submit all course assignments to Instructor(s). Preview transcripts in PAWS portal. Order official transcripts through Parchment portal.

That's the process in a nutshell ! 🙂

  • Add course(s) to cart and complete checkout for your order.
  • Register with university.
  • In 7-10 days you'll receive an email from the university with your "CSU ID"
  • Activate your "NetId" (using the CSU ID provided)
  • After you complete & submit all course assignments directly to each course Instructor, please allow 14 working days until you can order transcripts. This is to allow time for grading, and also for it to process through the university system.
  • Preview transcripts through the "PAWS" system using your NetId
  • Order official transcripts through the "Parchment" system using your NetId


If you are reading this page, you should have already seen instructions to register after completing checkout & payment for your courses.

If you haven't yet registered, please thoroughly follow the instructions at this link >>

In 7-10 days after registering, you will receive an email directly from CSUP containing your " CSU ID "

NetId Activation

You MUST activate your NetID to access the CSU Pueblo Student Portal called "PAWS" and to order your transcripts.

Activations take a few simple steps and should be done at your earliest convenience.

Let’s walk through the steps...

- Use this link to load the NetId activation webpage:

  • It will ask for your CSU ID and your corresponding email. If you don't already have it handy, try to locate your CSU ID by first searching your entire email inbox & archives for the following phrase " NETID ACCOUNT ACTIVATION " . 
  • Tick the ‘I’m not a robot’ box and click ‘Send.’
  • Login to your email inbox and click the verification link in the email you receive. (Check your spam/social/promotions folders if you cannot find the link.)
  • Follow the steps to set up your recovery email and NetID password.

You will now access the PAWS system by using your NetID # as your login name, along with your new password. The password is valid for one year after activation, and you can restore account access using the email address you set for recovery.

If you absolutely cannot find anything at all in your inbox related to your CSU ID or NetId ---> then please call the CSUP IT Help Desk at (719) 549-2002 , or open a support ticket with them at . Let them know you are a TEP PARTNER STUDENT to ensure they understand how to assist you. Tell them your PID and other info, and they will be able to get your CSU ID/ NetId. Remember to exclusively use the CSUP IT phone number or ticket system above for help with NetID technical issues only.

Previewing and Ordering Transcripts

Once you have finished your course and submitted all assignments, please be aware that posting of grades is not immediate.

Please allow 14 working days after you submit assignments until you can order transcripts. This is to allow time for grading, and mostly for it to process through the university system.

Avoid ordering transcripts with missing grades, and please be sure to preview/verify your unofficial transcripts online first.

CSU Pueblo Unofficial Transcript Previewing

CSU Pueblo Official Transcript Online Ordering System

CSU Pueblo is not responsible for incomplete official transcript requests. A HOLD will be placed on your request if your transcript is incomplete.