Positive Thinking and Behavior for Today’s Schools

ED 501

3 Credits

Course Readings

Beyond Positive Thinking: Getting the results You Want by Robert Anthony. 2007 Garden City, NY: Morgan James. 287 pages.

Course Description

This course will present writing techniques and self-talk language that goes beyond the superficial educational phrases or cliché's used in schools. Instead of self-esteemology, it presents the concept of right thinking and the truth about who we really are. Teachers
will learn to write and use positive affirmations that are meaningful as well effective in shaping human behavior. They will also be exposed to new ways of thinking regarding the miss-programming of our minds and how the brain works. Educators will apply the concepts into schools settings by developing writings, lessons and classroom activities.

Course Objectives

1. Educators will learn how to go beyond positive thinking to develop right thinking and to realize the power and potential truth about ourselves that we possess. 

2. Teachers will examine myths and misinformation about superficial positive thinking and show how to take self-talk affirmations to a higher and more effective level. 

3. Educators will be presented with writing samples and techniques for developing effective positive affirmations and self talk for writing assignments and classroom use. 

4. Students will be able to use quality positive affirmations to improve their instructional delivery and writing as well as student empowerment and personal success. 

5. Teachers will develop writings, lessons and affirmations for classroom and student applications as well as for their own personal effectiveness.

Contact Hours: 

Independent study courses require 45 contact hours of time for 3 credits.

Positive Thinking and Behavior for Today’s Schools


3 Credits

Course Syllabus and Assignment Rubrics

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