School Law For Educators: What Every Teacher Should Know

- 2 Credits - 

2 Semester Credits

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Course Description

This course examines the numerous school law and legal issues that affect the public school system. Educators will become knowledgeable about the various social, legal and political issues that are manifested in school systems. It will provide educators with a general understanding of how various legal issues have been decided. The course will provide teachers with a school law background so they can work with students or educators and feel more comfortable in their school settings.


2 Semester Graduate Credits

School Law: What Every Educator Should Know

- 2 Graduate Credits -

Course Objectives

  1. Educators will have a working knowledge of basic legal issues that affect the teachers and the public schools system.
  2. Teachers will examine collective bargaining contracts, tenure and freedom of expression, association representation for educators and school environments.
  3. Educators will be able to discern the legal dynamics related to religion, prayer, and expression issues in schools as well as free of the press and speech.
  4. Teachers will study the legal issues related to due process, personnel management decisions as well as the legal concept of governmental immunity.
  5. Educators will write about legal issues relating to students, teachers, parents and administrators as they may apply to their school and personal experience.

Credit Hours

2 Semester Credits (post-baccalaureate professional development credit)

Course Instructor

Joseph C’de Baca MaEd.

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Letter Grade

School Law: What Every Educator Should Know

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(2 Semester Graduate Credits)

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