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Billie S. – MI –

“Thank you so much Joseph! I truly appreciate how quickly you evaluated the work! Have a wonderful spring and summer!.”

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Amy S. – OH –

“Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! I wanted you to know I enjoyed the books and coursework very much, and I plan to take further coursework through TLC in the years to come…”

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Nancy M. – NY –

“Great content, ease of working on my own time schedule.”

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Kathleen M. – MA –

“Thank you for offering this course. I can say this is the most useful course I have taken. Let me know if there is anything I need to complete.”

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Darin K. – OR –

“Thank you for your willingness to e-mail me promptly regarding my questions. I really, really appreciate the format that TLC provided me. I will definitely continue to share my positive experience with fellow staff and hopefully you will see continued fruit from that. I will definitely use TLC again.”

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Christine G. – IN –

“Thank you very much, I appreciate your help in getting this to me for timely processing with my district.”

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Gillian B. – CA –

“Thank you, Joseph. I enjoyed the course immensely. Evals on their way!.”

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Tina B. – MD –

“I would like to personally thank the individual or group who decided to offer courses that were very ideally fitting for educators. I am more excited about these courses than any professional development I have taken in over ten years. Thank you for thinking outside the box and offering courses that sound so fascinating and meaningful.”

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