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Back to School Checklist for Teachers

  • Clean & Unpack (Wipe down, dust shelves, address any bug/rodent deterrents)
  • Draft Layout of room on the board
  • Play around with room configurations (Check for flow, materials access etc)
  • Teacher Desk & Snacks (Photos, coffee/tea, snacks, meds etc)
  • Write in important dates in monthly planner (PD, Holiday, Time off, Meetings)
  • Write any needed parent and student welcome letters
  • Finalize daily schedule for the school year & Post for students
  • Make or Print nametags for students/ Desk tags-tents/Storage & Folder Tabs
  • Popsicle stick or index cards for calling on students
  • Budget & Receipt system for teacher – Shopping List – Wish lists
  • Decorate door & make any signage (Name, Out of the room, Busy/Planning)
  • Add Birthdays to calendar, birthday cards or prizes (pre-set by month)
  • Write class creed or school expectations & rules template/Growth Mindset? 
  • Prepare to receive and or organize student supplies (Bins? Labels? Tubs? Drawers?)  
  • Bathroom Pass System?
  • Design Technology System- (technology charging, rules, sharing & use system)
  • Plan first week’s lessons/ Get to know you activities/ Assessment schedule
  • Make Substitute Tub (schedule, roster, allergies, bathroom /ER plans, seating & busywork)
  • Library System – Label Books (address labels) – Check out/in?
  • Flash Card sets & Math Manipulative organization / counts/ Storage
  • Submit any tech, curricula or supply requests to school for ordering
  • Refresh & Update Emergency Plan & First Aide totes
  • Connect with past teachers about any strategies on difficult students
  • Design Morning Routine- Attendance system? Creed? Morning Meeting? Jobs?
  • Homework and Parent Communication System- File Folder? Bins? Webpage?  
  • Pencil Sharpening System- Bins? Bags? Individual?
  • Review ESL lists, IEP’s, 504 & behavior plans
  • Refresh Emergency Tote, Evacuation Plans, Rosters
  • Refine Sub Tub: 1 for planned absence, 1 emergency absence & 1 week long term (Just in case)
  • Curricula check out/ counts on anything you’re liable for
  • Finalize Wall and Ceiling Decor (Do this last just incase you have to move around)
  • Other:____________________________________________________
  • Other:____________________________________________________

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